Carisbo formazione Education and training

The Foundation engages in this sector by supporting:

  • the development of skills and expertise through making training courses (specialist ones too) available through scholarships and research grants;
  • the training of individuals by implementing activities involving a variety of different subjects & disciplines in schools and extra-curricular contexts;
  • the development of a range of courses, based around the concepts of integration and interconnection;
  • sports activities.


On March 16, 2017, the long-term collaboration with the Regional School Office for Emilia-Romagna was formalised in order to both consolidate and ensure continuity of the “Learning and Working” programme. This is an innovative teaching method, which, through practical experience in the workplace, helps young people consolidate what they have learnt at school and tests students’ aptitudes in a field, enriching their education and guiding their studies and future work, thanks to projects which are well matched to the curriculum.
The Learning and Working programme, compulsory for all students in their last three years of high school, including specialised subject schools, was a hugely important development that was introduced by Law 107 of 2015 (La Buona Scuola or “The Good School”) in line with the principle of the open school.